Yeah! it’s Digital marketing we are talking about, during this pandemic anything which was working and very helpful was online services. Have you ever got a thought, when you hear people telling that they are freelancers or they are earning through their website or online?

They have their website or working somewhere or an influencer and so on. Obviously, you must have a lot of questions like how it is done, do I really have to make a website to earn or I need to go for some degree program, etc.

Is buying a website is expensive or its a risk, if I m not able to work on it. Most of the businessmen have issues about their online product reach to a larger number of audience, that the main reason they cant grow their business.

So, here i have answers to all your doubt and questions, lets get started!


Digital Marketing is advertising by using different channels like mobile applications, social media, emails, web applications, search engines, websites, etc. It is a way to promote and sell the desired products or services. In other words, you can call digital marketing- marketing that happens online.

Traditional ways of offline marketing through print media like newspapers and pamphlets are not in the trend anymore. Advertising by using offline modes is not as effective as it used to be.

But the need for marketing and advertising is constantly increasing. In this world where the internet is ruling, people look for something attractive, quick, and impactful. That’s how digital marketing comes to business!

Nowadays, every small business has shifted to online marketing because it has become necessary for brand awareness. You will witness every small brand having its website or social media presence at least.

Digital Marketing is the future. With more and more people choosing virtual services in place of real-world services, it becomes crucial for brands and entrepreneurs to switch to a more digital approach while selling their services and businesses.

Types of Digital Marketing:

1. Search Engine Optimisation
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Content Marketing
4. Email Marketing
5. Inbound Marketing
6. Online PR
7. Sponsored Content
8. Blogging
9. Google Adwords etc.

Let us know more about them in details:

1. Search Engine Optimisation:

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) proves to be the deciding factor about how much and what kind of traffic a website can expect and also is one of the most effective techniques for increasing the traffic on any website.

With SEO a website can optimize its random traffic into ideal traffic i.e. those customers who are actually interested in your products and are more likely to buy or subscribe.

Why SEO is so popular and effective?

For any website, being able to be found easily to the potential ideal customers is the key to success. SEO employs techniques based on the algorithms of search engines and as most of the people visit sites through search engines only, so SEO substantially improves search ranking of the site. SEO employs various techniques like: software development, keywords optimisation, keywords research, sitemap optimisation, feedback analysis, etc. hence making a website owner ready for each challenge and results in complete optimisation of the site.

2. Social Media Marketing:

According to a recent study, of all the adults about 71%use social media sites. Social Media Marketing is promoting your content or product on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In today’s world, social media sites are the most popular sites among the people with billions of users. Hence, promoting content on such platforms provides a huge opportunity for the brand to gain more and more potential customers. Because of such huge traffic and density of potential customers, social media sites are gaining popularity among the brands as well as researchers. With many competitive brands on the same social media sites, it allows each brand to know about the strategies of their rivals and design a new strategy accordingly.

Why Social Media Marketing is effective?

Simply because of so much traffic of such sites. Billions of people when pool together on such uniform platforms then becomes easier to get the attention of new potential customers using the algorithms of these sites only. After realising their potential in advertising and marketing, social media sites also provide various business-related tools for brands to use from. Also, on social media, any customer can interact with the brand team. He can share his valuable views which can help in improving the products. Social media analytics tools also help in gaining various important insights regarding the business of a brand thereby helping the team in creating future strategies accordingly.

3. Content Marketing:

  • Content Marketing involves creating and sharing videos, blogs, social media posts, and images online in order to promote the brand and its services. It can include images of the products or any content regarding business growth. These days social media is one of the integral parts of content marketing. Believe it or not but marketing is literally impossible without good quality content.
  • One important skill associated with content marketing is storytelling. Use emotional quotient and relatable statements in your content marketing strategies. Make sure that your marketing strategies cater to the right audience and solve their problems. Initially, your focus should be to get attention from the audience. Once they start noticing you, they will start spreading your brand name and will become potential customers.
  • In short, content marketing is important for businesses but it is of no use if the content is not attractive, engaging, and effective.

4. Email Marketing:

As the name itself is telling half of its meaning. Email marketing is nothing but marketing through emails. People promote their business’s products and services through email marketing too. It is also one of the effective marketing ways. Email is also one of the cost-effective tools. An email draws more attention and requires some action as it will remain in the inbox unless it is deleted, archived or read!

You can make a healthy relationship with your customers by engaging through emails. Ask them for suggestions, tell them about new offers, provide them with new product details, conduct surveys, ask for feedback etc. Do not break the trust of people by spamming their inbox with unnecessary emails. They will lose their interest or chances are very high that they will unsubscribe.

Use the tool for increasing engagement and sales. Email marketing is no rocket science, you just need to learn how to write click baited emails, potential audience’s email address and that’s it! You are ready to rule the marketing world.

5. Inbound Marketing:

Inbound Marketing refers to the process of using content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation and branding to draw customer’s attention towards the desired products and services. Outbound marketing focuses users on selling products to the customers but inbound marketing aware engages and attracts the customers through various channels like blogs, social media posts etc.

The basic goal of inbound marketing is to increase reach, engagement, traffic through creative ways. It includes giving the correct information to the right people at the right time to build trust and loyalty. Your aim should be to attract relevant visitors who are more likely to become your potential customers.

“Inbound marketing is so powerful because you have the power to give the searcher/consumer exactly what answers they are looking for at the precise point that they need it. That builds trust, reputation, and authority in whatever niche you are practicing this form of marketing in.”

– Joshua Gill, Inbound and SEO Marketing Consultant, Inbound Authority

6. Online PR

Online Public Relations means engaging with potential as well as current customers with the help of the Internet. This marketing strategy is very effective in creating a web relationship between the brand and the customers as well as in gaining various insight from the customers about the brand. It is similar to traditional public relations as it also aims at influencing the customers directly through interaction.

Why is it effective?

With Online Public Relations a brand can directly communicate with its audience through various online platforms like social media sites instead of depending upon media channels only. This also helps the brand to get useful insight from the opinions of the audience and customers.

7. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content a.k.a native advertising is a type of content marketing, directly created by the publishers, which looks very much like the native content of the site on which the content is sponsored. Sponsored content is paid by the advertiser but is published by another brand or publisher. Sponsored content can be divided into various content divisions like content related to designing, writing, etc. Because of its effectiveness, we can easily see sponsored content on social media apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Why sponsored content is effective?

According to various studies, 25 per cent more customers look at sponsored ad content as compared to ad unit content. Sponsored content is 18 per cent more likely to produce purchase intent than the banner ads. If content is sponsored by a trusted publisher than it is even more likely to convince the customers to engage themselves in the content.

8. Blogging

Weblogs or blogs offer texts, audio and video content which has now become a great source of spreading information. If your blog post goes viral, nothing could be better than that! Blog is a long-term marketing strategy. It brings organic traffic to your website and attracts potential customers of your products and services. The more you post blogs, the more your business grows and gets noticed. Once people build trust in your brand or business, your sales are likely to increase at a good rate.

Blogging is one of the cheapest ways of marketing, it needs good writing skills and consistency to update blogs on the website. Make a publishing schedule for blog posts. Planning is very important in every marketing strategy. So, don’t forget to make a schedule of all your actions.

If you can write blogs for your business yourself, then there is no need to hire a content writer and pay for writing services. Blogging even gives a good scope to freelance opportunities. There are a lot of freelance content writers offering content writing services across the globe for all big and small organisations.

9. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an advertising way through Google which involves advertisers bid on certain keywords for their clickable ads to appear on Google’s search engine results. This is how Google makes money through search. It is not necessary that Google Adwords will work for your business but it has been observed that it works for almost types of businesses.

All the people who are planning to bid on keywords must possess knowledge of how AdWords works. They must know how bidding works, average cost per click and other parameters. Adwords is like an auction market place. It is a very straight forward tool and a massive industry but its not an easy option. of money altogether. The Google Adwords interface is quite complicated and you m

There are chances that you lose money in the starting. So, do not spend a large amount ight get lost. Try not to use much of its features all at once. Keep it simple, you will definitely learn gradually.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

Its benefits include-

•Digital Marketing helps in engaging with customers which increases revenue.

•It provides many easy ways for collaboration.

•It shortens the buyer’s journey by offering the right things at the right time.

•It converts new buyers into frequent customers.

•It helps in reaching out to people from all across the world and builds better brand image.

It is the time where digital marketing is helpful for every student, business owner, marketing professional and anyone else who wants to update his/her skill sets.

Role of Digital Marketing:

One of the key roles of digital marketing is to raise brand awareness to an extent where the general public recognize the brand. Brand awareness is important as it affects the decision making of customers. Recent data shows that businesses are focusing more on brand awareness than ever before. And digital marketing is the best for this purpose without a doubt!

What is digital marketing as a carrer ?

Digital Marketing is a profession which is highly in demand. There is a broad scope of digital marketing as promoting, advertising, branding and marketing business through digital media. It provides ways to reach out to a massive audience in very less time. Digital marketing is one of the careers which leads to success and growth. It can result in self-employment and you can earn as a freelancer from the comfort of your couch.

Learn Digital Marketing and be your own Boss!

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