According to the facts, as of the third quarter of 2019, there are a total of 2.45 billion monthly active Facebook users, making it the world’s largest social media platform.

After having a look at the statistics, you cannot deny the fact that Facebook is important for every business growth. Facebook entered into the marketing world long ago. Things are changing ever since though. But one thing is constant i.e. the effect of Facebook marketing on business growth. It will never bring any downfall to the business. There will always be either nothing or ultimate growth.

If you are new to Facebook then you cannot imagine the extent of influence it can have on the public. A business can improve and gain a lot through this platform like good engagement, sales, customers, revenue, reputation, brand awareness etc.

Studies show that the average user spends almost an hour per day on Facebook. From a teenager to a 50-year-old person, everybody owns a mobile phone and an internet connection having at least one Facebook account under their name. Now you can imagine how much crowd it can bring to your business.

Now let’s talk about real work…

How does Facebook actually help business growth?

The key is ‘Facebook Page’, it is a public profile of your brand or business or organisation which is visible to the audience. So, if you have not created a Facebook page yet, go for it now! It is easy to make and won’t even take much time. Once you create the page, add a profile picture, add a cover photo, add images or videos, add your business description, verify your page etc.

Don’t forget that content is everything and you need to post consistently. If the audience likes your content, they will like your profile. Over time, the trust will increase and your audience will convert into your potential customers.

Let’s know how you can make the most of Facebook features to grow your business:

•Facebook is an affordable marketing platform:
There are so many channels through which you can fulfil your marketing goals but not every one of them is affordable. Facebook is one of the most affordable and user-friendly platforms. This will save you dollars from the marketing budget. It is ideal for all small to large business organisations. Even the ads you post don’t cost much. Engagement rate is high because Facebook users are so much all across the globe. When you become comfortable with using Facebook, you will see that Facebook makes it easier to engage with customers. It provides more reach and builds brand identity.

•Share information about your business:
Treat your Facebook page as your shop’s display. You need to show every new product arrived at your store, sales offer, discount offers, business name, contact details, address, any special announcement etc. You can also talk about your team size and members who work hard behind the page. In simpler words, you need to draw customer’s attention towards your page. Do whatever it takes to attract them. You can go with funny posts, informative posts, insightful posts, motivational posts etc. Keep experimenting with the content. And don’t miss out on sharing any important information!

•Share images & videos related to your business:
Facebook allows you to post text, images and videos. Visually appealing things attract people faster. Make sure you post good quality videos and images of your products, services, staff members etc. You can also ‘tag’ any staff member or friend in the post. It will increase the reach of your post. Because the post will be updated on the tagged person’s timeline. More people will be able to see and visit your business’s profile. You can hire a professional photographer and videographer to produce quality content on Facebook. If you can do it alone, that will save a lot of money. But do not ever compromise with the quality of posts.

•Engage with potential customers:
Engaging with customers helps in increasing the credibility of your business. You can have a conversation with potential customers in order to build a long term relationship with the buyers. It will increase the growth and success rate. Don’t talk nonsense with them, they might lose interest. Provide them with important and useful information. The audience likes to consume either useful or interesting information.

Give them time and let them speak too. Listen to their problems, solve their queries. Be empathetic and polite with your tone. Pay attention to the urgency of their messages. If it is very important, then you must reply instantly. Even if the message does not seem to be urgent enough, reply instantly!

•Provide customer support:
Always assist them throughout the purchasing process. Answer their sales related queries. Make them feel comfortable while shopping through your business website. Facebook gives the liberty of messaging anyone anytime. Your customers can ping you at any hour of the day. So, you must be ever ready to provide customer support. And also try to answer most of the questions before they ask through your posts or personal messages.

•Raise Brand awareness:
Once people start liking your profile and posts, more traffic will come to your business page. They will start commenting on your posts and gradually their friends will get attracted to your profile. This will result in brand awareness among a huge audience. Convert your audience into a family by conducting virtual events for them. Try conducting quiz, contests, giveaways etc. People will start engaging and post positive words about your brand and products. It will increase your sales. Now you can visualise the power of Facebook marketing.

It is the right time that you step into the Facebook Marketing world.

There are approximately 70 million businesses on Facebook already. And you need to stand out at any cost. Be impressive, creative, informative, interactive and win the hearts of your audience.

We hope this blog could help you in one way or the other. Make the most of all the marketing strategies you can use through Facebook.

Good Luck!

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